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Hilton Panorama Residence

HILTON PANORAMA RESIDENCE boasts an unparalleled location at the gateway of the Pearl Island


Unit Avg.
Unit Size
Retail / Facilities    
Restaurant “The Kitchen” 366.0 m² 1
Health Club incl. Spa & Sauna 282.3 m² 1
Business Centers 620.1 m² 1
Mulberry Lounge 356.5 m² 1
Mezzanine Mulberry Lounge 137.0 m² 1
Beauty Salon & Barber Shop 89.8 m² 1
Coffee Shop & Lounge 33.6 m² 1
Levantine Restaurant 264.4 m² 1
Pool/Amenity Podium 1,558.8 m² 1

HILTON PANORAMA RESIDENCE boasts an unparalleled location at the gateway of the Pearl Island. Designed by world-class architects, HILTON PANORAMA RESIDENCE will be one of the tallest building in Phase 3 of the Island and is being constructed with the highest quality and most technologically-advanced building systems, components, and materials.

The visibility, location and dramatic styling of the tower all serve to establish the project's identity. The unique shape, facets and setbacks of the tower will all combine to make the building dominate the island’s skyline and achieve landmark status. Tenants will enjoy great views as the plot is surrounded by the beach on two fronts.

HILTON PANORAMA RESIDENCE offers World class accommodation combined with comfortable contemporary interiors of the highest standards in modern luxury living. HILTON PANORAMA RESIDENCE is ideal for long term and short term stays by corporate business people, families, and couples. The offered services into and around the building are attractive in the highest extent both for long-term residents and for guests.

Project Area Data

Area Data

Project Type: Serviced Appartments
Land size: 17,555.53 m²
Total Built-Up Area: 103,160 m²
Built-Up Area Excluding Parking: 80,947 m²
Efficiency: 62%
Residential Units: 414
Parking Lots: 541
Construction Period: 3 Years
Construction Start Date: September 2015
Contractor: KCT
Project Management: SSH / D.G. Jones
Location: The Pearl Island

Unit Data

Unit Avg.
Unit Size
Total Count
Residential   414
Apartments:   363
Studio 63.6 m² 132
1 Bedroom 89.9 m² 131
2 Bedroom 158.1 m² 96
3 Bedroom 172.6 m² 4
Townhouses:   44
TH 1 Bedroom 112.9 m² 4
TH 2 Bedroom 138.6 m² 18
TH 3 Bedroom 208.2 m² 22
Penthouse Apartments:   7
PH 1 Bedroom 234.5 m² 5
PH 2 Bedroom 203.0 m² 1
PH 3 Bedroom 224.5 m² 1